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  • The sooner you identify the problem the less expensive your repair will be.
  • A foundation repair expert can spot trouble way before it can get to the catastrophic phase.
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Poured Foundation Repair

Small vertical cracks are usually the first sign of a foundation repair problem. This problem occurred due to shrinking when the foundation was originally poured. Relatively inexpensive to fix if caught early.

Block Foundation Repair

If you are experiencing visible vertical cracks this may be caused by settling problems. Unstable soil conditions surrounding your basement is the culprit here. You may also see this around doors and windows.

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Bowing Walls Repair

We can install reinforcing beams which supply opposing force, making your wall stronger. The carbon fiber helps eliminate expanding, cracking, shifting and bowing.

Other Foundation Services
  • Foundation repair inspections
  • Fix leaking water
  • Exterior waterproofing
  • Epoxy crack repair

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